Playing with Light-New Media Fine Art

Kathryn Tatum describes her light illuminated paintings as NEW MEDIA FINE ART. “My fine arts paintings are 2 Dimensional in nature combined with L.E.D. lighting to give the illusion of 3 Dimensional viewing.”

L.E.D. lights (are mounted to the back stretcher bars,) slowly move thru the color spectrum to interact with and expose each individual paint layer and create new colors within the painting. Back lighting can reveal images, symbols and codes that have been carefully placed on each layer deep within a painting on both the canvas and on the rice paper. Imagine looking at the cosmos thru a high-powered telescope. Stars, planets and gases all become visible. Journey deeper into cosmic space and new dimensions become possible while opening the imagination to endless possibilities. Each painting is constantly changing in color, depth and imagery to evoke the senses.

Tatum explains: “My creative process employs traditional materials and methods coupled with cutting edge technology to form a convergence of art and new media.”

Tatum begins each painting by setting her intentions with ‘gratitude’ as inspiration and as her mindset throughout the entire creative process. “I strive for expanded awareness and positive energy for the viewer to connect with.”

The designs are based upon sacred geometry, cosmic space and natures’ organic abstractions found in water, forests and mountains. “I am using various medias that are built up in layers to create a painting that has great depth.” Within a completed painting you will be able to see all the subtle layers of the medias used as the different colors of the L.E.D. lights react with each layer. (Each layer has been applied using correct alchemy in order to produce an archival stable painting.) These paintings can be viewed in two ways – the traditional frontal viewing without the use of the L.E.D. lighting using only natural or electric lighting and or with RGB L.E.D. back lighting which is enhanced in low light or darkened spaces. A painting can range in size from 12”x12” to as large as 30”x72” and also can be grouped in twos or threes.

As to the other properties of this art form she says “I believe a backlit L.E.D. painting has subliminal healing properties when combined with the abstract and sublime beauty of the painting.”

Tatum is very excited about these New Media Fine Arts Paintings and she encourages everyone to visually experience something new and unique in art. Kathryn’s paintings are on display at UNTITILED ANNEX, 125 Kit Carson Road in Taos thru October with an OPENING RECEPTION Friday, August 4, 5-9pm. Everyone is invited to attend.     970.708.1331

UNTITLED ANNEX 125 Kit Carson Road, Taos, New Mexico

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